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PawPurr Pet Care is available for all of your pet needs.

If you are working late, going out of town, recovering from surgery or illness, or taking a well deserved vacation, our professionals will be there to care for your pets.

You can relax and know your pet(s) is receiving the best care available, next to yours of course.

Why lock your pet in a cage when most pets do best in their own home with all the familiar smells of you. This is especially true of special need pets. They like their favorite sleeping spots, their favorite foods and treats, the familiar sounds that in home care provides.

We will visit your pet(s) as many times per day and for the length of time you think is best for them. We’ll try to keep your pet(s) as close to their regular routine as possible. We also offer over night services for those pets that don't like to sleep alone. Pack rates are available for the pet owners that just can’t say no to a furry friend in need. 

We are a proud insured member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.